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Test bench couplings are applied in miscellaneous test benches. By reason of manifold, specific requirements TOK system is designed according to the modular design concept, to be applicable on almost every engine test bench.

For specific requirements, e.g. special-test benches, the standard parts can be combined with specific-designed parts to derive solutions corresponding to individual conditions.

Advantages of the TOK-ZW coupling system:

  • Lowest possible torsional stiffness utilizing two flexible elements
  • Simple adjustment of the torsional stiffness by changing of elements
  • Compensation of axial-, radial- and angular misalignment
  • Self-centering, backlash-free and maintenance-free
  • Flanges adapted to DIN or SPICER bolt patterns, respectively on demand
  • Variable installation lengths utilizing telescopic spacer shafts
  • Ideal for highest speed
  • Lowest possible weight by using high-tensile aluminium and CFRP

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Einsatzbeispiel der hochelastischen Prüfstandswelle TOK一般技术描述




AC – VSK 万向轴 - 标准应用

高弹联轴器 AC – VSK 结合万向轴,适用最高转速 nmax = 7000 rpm。参见产品目录。

AC – VSK cardan shaft - Standard application

TOK – ZW 结合中间轴

双高弹联轴器 TOK – ZW 中间轴可根据发动机与测功机之间的空间调节长度。联轴器有低扭转刚度,可轴向、径向和万向轴角位移。最大转速nmax = 10000 rpm。

TOK – ZW with intermediate shaft

TOK-CV 恒速轴

Highly flexible coupling TOK – CV 是一个恒速轴平稳运行的组合,甚至最高转速可达nmax = 10000 rpm

TOK-CV with constant velocity shaft


TOK Modular principle

New: Adaptive TOK-Docking-System for Engine Testing Your drive

More productivity, reduced rigging times, less operating costs – the new Docking-System from REICH-KUPPLUNGEN helps increase the efficiency of engine test benches.

This system is designed to automate the process of changing the test objects for combustion engine testing to the greatest possible extent. The time available for testing is thus maximised. This is made possible by a docking system which is based on the principle of modular construction. It is used to connect combustion engines of different sizes to a dynamometer. This way, engine testing is made easy.


Flexible docking and centering fixture
The special feature of the docking system is its selfdocking and self-centering fixture. It consists of a pin and a sleeve which are both straight-toothed. The two components are available in a standard size and mounted to a coupling matching the engine tobe tested.

Rigging additional engines while testing
This fixture allows for preparing other engines to be tested while one engine still undergoes testing. Rigging only involves the mounting of the matching coupling with the standard pins to the engine. Given that thiswork is performed outside the test bench area, the rigging times are minimised in the test cell.

Self-alignment and self-centering
The smartly designed centering attachments are able to compensate for an offset of up to 15 mm while docking. The CV-jointed sleeve on the dynamometer side rests on a support while the engine with the mounted TOK coupling and the toothed pins is slowly approaching its destination. While docking, the sleeve is lifted off the centering attachment and turned until the toothed components come into mesh.

Advantages of the adaptive TOK-docking system:

  • There is no longer need for complex mechanics and manual intervention on the dynamometer side. A correctly positioned, solid support is sufficient.
  • Rigging with time-consuming assembly operations takes place outside the test cell.
  • Rotational speeds up to 6,000 rpm are possible.
  • All toothed shaft components of a system come into mesh in any turning position while maintaining a good balance condition.
  • Centering attachments are available as spare parts and easily changeable.
  • The docking system can be extended to multiple test cells.

D2C – 为客户个性化定制

D2C – Designed to CustomerThe principle of Designed to Customer describes the recipe for success of REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: Utilizing our product knowledge, our customers are supplied with couplings which are developed and tailor-made to their specific requirements. The designs are mainly based on modular components to provide effective and efficient customer solutions. The unique form of close cooperation with our partners includes consultation, design, calculation, manufacture and integration into existing environments. Adapting our manufacturing to customer-specific production and utilizing global logistics concepts provides better after sales service - worldwide. This customer-oriented concept applies to both standard products and production in small batch sizes.

The company policy of REICH-KUPPLUNGEN embraces, first and foremost, principles such as customer satisfaction, flexibility, quality, prompt delivery and adaptability to the requirements of our customers.

REICH-KUPPLUNGEN supplies not only a coupling, but a solution: Designed to Customer.


  • Application areas: power generation mobile applications test benches pumps and compressors industrial applications marine applications
  • Product type: Highly flexible test bench shaft

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